Om Namoh Shivay – Shivji Sada Sahay

Lord Shankar Mahadev, also known as “The Destroyer”, “Lord Rudra”, “Bholenath”, “Shiva” and “Bholeram” amongst many others, is a mythological Hindu God.

lordpashupatinath-004 lordpashupatinath-049 lordpashupatinath-033 lordpashupatinath-027 lordpashupatinath-031 lordpashupatinath-047

According to Wikipedia [QUOTE] “Paśupati “Lord of all animals” was originally an epithet of Rudra in the Vedic period and now is an epithet of Shiva. The Rigveda has the related term paśupa “cattle-keeping” as an epithet for Pushan.

Pashupatinath is an avatar of Shiva, one of the Hindu Trinity. He is the male counterpart of Shakti.

The five faces of Pashupatinath represent various incarnations of Shiva; Sadyojata (also known as Barun), Vamdeva (also known as Uma Maheswara), Tatpurusha, Aghor & Ishana. They face West, North, East, South and Zenith respectively, and represent Hinduism’s five primary elements namely earth, water, air, light and ether.

Puranas describe these faces of Shiva as:

“ Sadyojata, Vamdeva, Tatpurusha & Aghora are the four faces,
The fifth is Ishana, unknowable even to the seers”


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